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Sunny Resort - Wellness Resort In Transcarpathia

Dear friends, we are pleased to invite you to the wellness complex “Sunny resort” in Transcarpathian region! Our wellness center is located in the resort village of Polyana, Svalyava district, Transcarpathian region, in balneological water resort, famous for its unique water “Polyana Kvasova”, with it’s properties similar to the famous Georgian water “Borjomi”. It is one of four major Ukrainian balneological resorts specializing in the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

“Sunny resort” is a new and modern resort offering a wide range of services at affordable prices. It is located in the cozy and quiet part of the resort town – away from the busy center, on a hill overlooking the scenic surroundings, bordering the forest. It’s always cool and fresh even on the hottest summer days and in the cold seasons the surrounding mountains and forest shield the area from the wind. Furthermore, it takes just 2-3 minutes of pleasant walk to get to the “Polyana Kvasova” well-room.

“Sunny resort” has all the necessary infrastructure and it’s own medical base and can provide guests with a full range of recreational opportunities, treatment and health improvement. Here you can stay in one of the 40 modern rooms of different categories according to your choice or means. The cozy restaurant, decorated in the Italian style, with quiet lounge music will relax you and make your meal even more pleasant. The medical center with modern equipment and professional staff will help you improve and strengthen your health.

Our complex is open to the guests throughout the year and in any season is ready to provide the best service: warm comfortable rooms, high quality and tasty food and all available health and medical services. We are always sincerely looking forward to our guests, and especially proud to provide them as much happiness, health and good mood as possible! You can easily book all of this for yourself and your loved ones: fill the automatic booking request form which is present on every page – in a short time you will be contacted by our staff to clarify details or offer alternatives.

In addition, you can simply call the phone numbers listed in the “Contact us” section. “Sunny resort” is always waiting for you!

Доска объявлений

Attention! Booking Periods

Dear guests, when booking for certain number of days you can get a discount: 7 days - a discount of 7%; 14 days - 14% discount; 21 days - 21% discount; 28 days - 28% discount!

Early booking

Dear guests, during May-July 2017 you can book your vacation in “Sunny Resort” with a discount of: Fall 2017 – 20%. Discount is valid for all room categories.


Dear guests and friends, now we are creating the library for adults and for kids and kids' club at the "Sunny Resort". We could be very grateful if you'll send to us or bring with you books, games, toys, CD with movies and cartoons you do not need anymore: we guarantee a pleasant surprise from "Sunny Resort" for every such a gift from you! Our guests, especially kids, will thank you!

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Treatment and rehabilitation in Sunnyresort

Соляная комната в "Солнечном"Кабинет гидроколонтерапииМанипуляционнаяМассажи в "Солнечном"Прием у терапевта комплексаВанные в "Солнечном"Прием у главврача комплекса

Accommodation, food and entertainment

ЗапеканкаВкусняшки на завтракВолшебные стены детскойСобственная выпечкаБассейны "Солнечного"На рецепции комплексаДетская комнатаАктивно творимПеченые грушкиПодготовка к вертепу 2016Летние забавыПирогДессертикиСырный супОбед:)РесторанБатут в детскойМастер классы в "Солнечном"В ресторанеХоллХэллоуин 2015

Seasons in Sunnyresort

Восхитительные видыВечерЗимушка-зимаЁлочки под снегомЛуна над Солнечным ЗакарпатьемНачало зимыСнежный "Солнечный"Под снегомСолнечное ЗакарпатьеОсеннее озероНаходкиВид на Солнечное Закарпатье летомДымокФонарикиВид на селоЗОК "Солнечный"Замерзшее озероМакроПодарочкиОсень-осеньЩёлк-щёлкЛетний видЗимаЗимнее солнышкоЦветочкиБарбарисСолнышко играетНочной "Солнечный"Три девицыДа, милый, конечно же скучаю...Золотая осеньОсенний лесУлыбашкиВид на ресторанНовогодний холлНочьЗаготовки для камина

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