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Аromatic oil baths

One of the components of the SPA complex in “Sunny Resort” is a multifunctional bath, allowing our guests to diversify the range of spa treatments, one of which is aromatic oil bath. Besides the warm water relaxing effects, while taking aromatic oil baths you can inhale a whole bouquet of different aromas, that act similar to inhalation in the nasal passages and lungs and warm water mixed with essential oils is quickly absorbed by the skin, and thus quickly exert their therapeutic effects on the body. You just have to choose the flavor according to your mood or liking! “Sunny Resort” offers lavender and grapefruit flavors, but the choice can be extended at the request.

Aromatic oil bath in “Sunny Resort” is the most affordable and effective method of preventing and treating many diseases. Bath with essential oils can have a relaxing and calming, stimulating, tonic, warming or cooling effect. After taking balmy bath you will feel an amazing sense of joy, renewal and bliss. Aromatic oil bath also helps with metabolism normalization, blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthens the immune system. Bath with essential oils perfectly tonifies and calms the skin rejuvenating it. Aromatic oil bath has anti-inflammatory effect, removes the stretch marks, stimulates weight loss.

To achieve a lasting effect it is recommended to undergo a course of at least 5-7 times, depending on the time of your stay, but the more – the better. Aromatic oil baths should be taken once in 2 or 3 days with the session duration of about 20 minutes. Bath with essential oils should cause pleasant sensations, but it is essential to avoid overheating or cooling during the session, before and after it. Rinsing with water after taking a bath is not necessary, because even after the procedure the oils continue their healing effect on the skin.

Oil bath can be taken no earlier than 2.5-3 hours after meal. Before the procedure it is necessary to take a hygienic shower with soap or shower gel, take your make up off and rinse thoroughly any chemicals.

Counterindications for taking baths with essential oils: acute inflammatory diseases, coronary heart disease, thrombosis, epilepsy, fungal infections, diabetes and hyperthyroidism, pregnancy and nursing (breastfeeding). Therefore, be sure to tell our doctor about all of your problems and possible restrictions so that your vacation in “Sunny resort” is not marred by unpleasant consequences.