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Kid’s Сlub

We are pleased and proud that a lot of guests come with children to “Sunny Resort” throughout the year and our complex is always filled with cheerful children’s voices! For this reason we decided to organize a kids club in “Sunny Resort” to entertain our youngest visitors: in addition to the playground, we now have a room equipped with everything necessary for children entertainment.

Kids Club is a large room directly above the restaurant hall, spacious but cozy, with a large window overlooking the courtyard. During warmer months children mostly the spend time outside, and in order not to depend on weather conditions and have the opportunity to entertain and teach children in any weather and in any season was created a children’s club. Kids will be able to play active games here, read or listen to stories, watch their favorite cartoons, learn how to make small masterpieces with their own hands and just go crazy and give vent to their boundless energy!

Needless to say that the main benefit of the children’s club is of course for parents, who will be able to have some time for themselves, attend their appointments and procedures, go sightseeing by themselves, or simply spend time with friends . And for the kids – the club will be useful and interesting: under the guidance and constant supervision of our children’s animation children will play and learn and gain new knowledge and skills, and most importantly – spend time having fun in an environment of their peers and find new friends!

The price list of the children’s club and children’s animation you can find in the menu “Prices/Other services”.