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If you’re a fan of all kinds of medical electronics – physiotherapy is for you! “Sunny Resort” suggests the next procedures: laser therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrophoresis, amlipuls therapy, and darsonvalization electrosleep.

Laser has the following range of activities:

  • restorative;
  • desensitizing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immune-correcting;
  • healing;
  • analgesics (relieving the discomfort of varying degree).

In addition to achieving major therapeutic effects the procedure increases the quality of sleep, decreases cholesterol etc.Often the procedure is not only used as the primary method of treatment, but as complementary.

Magnetic therapy is based in the influence of magnetic fields on the human body or in general for therapeutic or preventative purposes. Magnetic therapy has regenerative effects on tissues, prevents the formation of blood clots in blood vessels, dilates blood vessels, improves nervous and immune systems, and has anti-inflammatory effect.

Ultrasound therapy. Under the influence of ultrasound are activated cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage. This type of therapy is one of the most delicate and pleasant in aesthetic medicine. Ultrasound has analgesic, resolving, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, fibrinolytic action.

Electrophoresis – a physiotherapy treatment which comprises administering medications in the form of ions through intact skin or mucous membranes. The feature of this treatment is that it administers two things at once – the galvanic current and the medication. Combining these two elements a positive outcome is achieved much faster than conventional drug administration.

Amplipulse -is an electrotherapy method during which the patient is exposed to alternating modulated currents of low intensity. These currents combine currents of high and low frequency. Unlike low frequency currents that provide a strong stimulating effect on neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems, high frequency meets great resistance from the skin, penetrates deep into fabrics, does not cause significant irritation of skin receptors. It is well tolerated, has a stimulating effect on deep tissues.

Darsonvalization – a method of physical therapy based on the use of pulsed current of high frequency (110-400 kHz), high voltage (tens of thousands of volts) and low power (up to several milliamperes). It improves circulation, trophic tissue, normal tone of tissue, blood vessels and skin. Local darsonvalization indicated for diseases of peripheral nerves, blood vessels and muscles with painful symptoms, disorders trophic tissue, skin and hair diseases.

Electrosleep – a method of electrotherapy, based on the use of pulsed currents of low frequency. They have a direct effect on the central nervous system.

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