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Musculoskeletal system

image2The second major medical area in “Sunny Resort” is the treatment of functional disorders and the elimination and prevention of the musculoskeletal system diseases. And the positive effect is achieved by the combined application of both natural resources, as well as healthy diet and, of course – special medical treatments prescribed by doctor, such as bishofit, turpentine and other bath ozokerit and paraffin therapy, massages and some physiotherapy.

“Sunny Resort” is located in a great place for making trips through the mountains and forest, and has its own swimming pool: it is known that swimming is one of the best ways to strengthen all systems of the musculoskeletal system and the prevention of related problems. In addition, our guests can use a pleasant and simple fitness training campus in the open, as well as the gym. We also strongly recommend doing sports (table tennis, etc.) and active games.