Rules for patients

Necessary documents and rules for patients

Dear visitors of “Sunny Resort”, our institution is a medical and spa center and offers resort-sanatorium and health services, so there is a need to comply with certain rules as patients.

Guests of “Sunny Resort” are divided into two categories: those that come for vacation, and those who come to the sanatorium for treatment. A separate sub-category is children.

Guests on vacation – regular rates. The rate includes the chief physician consultation, which they can use or not use at their discretion. However, if the guest wants to get SPA, wellness or medical services in our medical center, they must undergo a consultation on a mandatory basis, as well as give our doctor as much information about their health status, current complaints and the presence of chronic diseases as possible.

Guests that need medical treatment have to provide our doctor with a minimum screening list:

  • General blood test
  • General urine test
  • Electrocardiogram.

If possible, bring your own profile data treatment trom the last year:

  • Biochemical blood test or other specialized tests;
  • Ultrasonography of the abdomen, kidney, thyroid, prostate in men, gynecological examination in women;
  • X-ray or MRI report;
  • A list of medications that were taken or are taken at the moment.
  • If laboratory data and ultrasound results are not present, or dated of over six months ago, we can offer to pass laboratory and/or ultrasound examination in our medical center

Children. All children arriving in “Sunny Resort”, must carry a certificate of vaccination and epidemiological environment and form 079.

Important! Please refer to the above requirements and recommendations with understanding and respect: all that is necessary to guarantee the quality of care, protect your health and comfort of guests that are at the resort alongside you.

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Attention! Booking Periods

Dear guests, when booking for certain number of days you can get a discount: 7 days - a discount of 7%; 14 days - 14% discount; 21 days - 21% discount; 28 days - 28% discount!

Early booking

Dear guests, during May-July 2017 you can book your vacation in “Sunny Resort” with a discount of: Fall 2017 – 20%. Discount is valid for all room categories.


Dear guests and friends, now we are creating the library for adults and for kids and kids' club at the "Sunny Resort". We could be very grateful if you'll send to us or bring with you books, games, toys, CD with movies and cartoons you do not need anymore: we guarantee a pleasant surprise from "Sunny Resort" for every such a gift from you! Our guests, especially kids, will thank you!

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