Salt cave

Polluted air, adverse environmental conditions and fast pace of life in the city lead to the weakening immune system, constant stress and the emergence of various diseases. Salt chamber Salt SPA Planet – is a special healing environment that has healing properties of the sea coast or the natural salt mine or cave. This is a modern effective wellness treatment for adults and children, combining the method of treatment with salt (halotherapy), color therapy and audiotherapeutic positive phycho-emotional program of action. Salt therapy improves breathing, strengthens the immune system etc.

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History of halotherapy.

Medicinal properties of salt caves have been known since ancient times. 20 million years ago, the surface of Eastern Europe was under the sea. With the disappearance of sea a huge amount of sea salt was left on the ground. Today, the salt lies underground at the depth of 200-300 m. In XIV century people made the first attempt of salt production for personal use and trafficking. In 1843 a Polish doctor Felix Bochkovsky discovered the therapeutic effect of respiratory protection the salt mine exerted on the upper respiratory tract and skin. Since the mid 80s of XX century attempts were made to simulate the microclimate of salt hospitals (clinics under sylvinite) in ground conditions. The method was named “halotherapy.” Currently, the room where the salt cave microclimate is created is called by various terms: salt room, salt chamber, a climate chamber, salt cave.

How does the salt chamber work?

The therapeutic effect in the salt chamber is achieved by:

  • fine sodium chloride aerosol in the air;
  • hypobacterial and hypoallergenic air environment;
  • aeroionization of air;
  • the effect of chromotherapy;
  • audiotherapeutic complex with relaxing music.

Crystal rock salt is a natural ionizer, efficiently improves quality of air, releasing negative ions.
Salt chamber promotes saturation of cells with useful ions, thereby recovering the function of the lungs, respiratory tract microflora and clear them of dust and harmful bacteria.
During a session of halotherapy salt air increases the saturation of the blood with oxygen, forming the body’s defenses to fight off infections and viruses. Salt rooms are particularly useful in treatment of various bronchopulmonary and ENT diseases: sinusitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis.

Indications to visit the salt chamber:

  • prevention of colds: frequent acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infection, pneumonia, bronchitis of varying severity, etc .;
  • treatment of ENT diseases: chronic sinusitis and frontal sinusitis, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, of chronic inflammatory processes;
  • treatment of asthmatic symptoms;
  • allergies of various etiologies, including allergic dermatitis and rhinitis;
  • skin deseases including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands
  • in the field of cosmetology halotherapy sessions relieve inflammation;
  • in diseases of the cardiovascular system: ischemia, angina, hypo- and hypertension;
  • recovery period after a heart attack or stroke;
  • in case of neurotic and neurosis-like states: phobic symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, disturbing thoughts and unfounded fears.

Counterindications to visit the salt chamber.

Counterindications to halotherapy are few, but they must be taken into account, because in some cases halotherapy could only worsen the situation.

The main counterindications are:

  • active stage of tuberculosis;
  • malignancies;
  • infections before the end of the term of insulation;
  • bleeding of any origin and localization;
  • the entire period of pregnancy;
  • acute form of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • chronic alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • mental illnesses of varying severity.
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