The “Sunny Resort” team

Dear friends, we are very pleased to present and introduce to you the staff of our complex: all these wonderful people – not just specialists and professionals – they are the heart and soul “Sunny Resort”! And we will be happy if our employees become your friends! They will definitely do everything in order for your stay to be as pleasant as possible 🙂 Meet (picture clickable):

Igor Luchkiv – chief physitian, orthopedic trauma specialist.




Christine Sakal – physitian and gastroenterologist.




Nelly Duzhar – Sonography diagnostician.




Natalia Zinyuk – General Manager.




Alina Matviychyk – bath department nurse.




Nelly Kobuley – ozokerite department nurse.




Tatiana Hodzhaniiazova – hydromassage department nurse.




Iuliia Dovga – hydromassage department nurse.




Vladyslava Popovych – shower department nurse.




Ermila Rusin – colonic irrigation department nurse.




Erikh Bobal – massage therapist.




Myroslava Mushka – halotherapy nurse.




Anita Kost – massage therapist.




Olesia Siler – nurse.




Oksana Sydorenko – reception administrator.




Natalia Gegedosh – reception administrator.




Tetyana Lizanets – restaurant manager.




Yuriy Shefer – complex maintenance engineer.




Yaroslav Lyzanets – driver and technicist.




Katerina Kharchenko – the complex director.

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Attention! Booking Periods

Dear guests, when booking for certain number of days you can get a discount: 7 days - a discount of 7%; 14 days - 14% discount; 21 days - 21% discount; 28 days - 28% discount!

Early booking

Dear guests, during May-July 2017 you can book your vacation in “Sunny Resort” with a discount of: Fall 2017 – 20%. Discount is valid for all room categories.


Dear guests and friends, now we are creating the library for adults and for kids and kids' club at the "Sunny Resort". We could be very grateful if you'll send to us or bring with you books, games, toys, CD with movies and cartoons you do not need anymore: we guarantee a pleasant surprise from "Sunny Resort" for every such a gift from you! Our guests, especially kids, will thank you!

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