“Polyana Kvasova” mineral water

Health complex “Sunny Resort” in Polyana is located in a place where the unique medicinal water – “Polyana Kvasova” has been discovered. It is the pearl of the Carpathian natural waters and the central pump room is located just a hundred meters from the complex. For a long time this mineral water is has been extracted from one of the world’s most popular sources of curative mineral water, the origin of which is really unique. It is located deep in the picturesque Carpathian mountain range – volcanic ridge, where there is still an underground activity happening. The water has a pleasant taste and unique healing qualities.

In its valuable chemical composition “Polyana Kvasova” belongs to the sodium bicarbonate boric waters of Borjomi subtype. The salinity is in the range of 6,5-12 g/l. The product is characterized by the natural content in the composition of medicinal carbon dioxide. Mineral water “Polyana Kvasova” is recommended for people with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is composed as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and orthoboric acid which is a natural antibiotic. All that has made this water indispensable for curing various intoxications. Optimal therapeutic daily dose is about 1-1.5% of the ideal body weight.

“Polyana Kvasova” is medicinal mineral drinking water, which is produced at the Novo-Polyansky field and is medium-mineralized. Closest analogue to “Polyana Kvasova” are “Utsera” (Georgia) and “Muhenskaya” (Russian Federation), as well as the more known “Borjomi” (Georgia), but the “Borjomi” has twice less concentration of carbonic acid than “Polyana Kvasova” and almost half the total mineralization. These mineral waters can be attributed to boron-containing, but there is no fluorine in “Borjomi”.

The main indications for mineral water treatment in health complex “Sunny Resort” are chronic diseases of the digestive system. In addition to the positive impact on the motor, secretory, endocrine and excretory function of the digestive system, “Polyana Kvasova” is capable of:

  • eliminating or reducing the effects of acidosis (acidification)of the internal environment in diabetes patients, alcohol poisoning, metabolic syndrome in adults and acetonemic syndrome in children;
  • lowering blood glucose levels in insulin-independent diabetes (type II);
  • decreasing the blood concentration of uric acid in gout;
  • reducing blood levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the lipid metabolism disorders (atherosclerosis);
  • reducing allergies;
  • accelerating the excretion of various exogenous and endogenous toxins, including radionuclides;
  • microbiocenosis improvement in the intestine during dysbacteriosis;
  • reducing blood levels of bile acids and clinical manifestations of hypocholia;
  • increasing the formation and excretion of urine, a positive effect on patients with urinary diathesis (oksalaturia, uraturia and some variants of phosphaturia);
  • reducing inflammation in the urinary tract;
  • normalizing formation of gastrointestinal hormones and thereby improving the psychological status of patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders of the central nervous system such as depression, hypochondriacal syndromes;
  • liquefying phlegm and facilitating its discharge in chronic diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs;
  • reducing the demand for tobacco smoking.

Taking into account the chemical composition, the results of research and clinical observations of practitioners, “Polyana Kvasova” can be recommended in these pathological processes:

  • chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic esophagitis, gastritis with high, stored and reduced acid-forming function of the stomach, duodenitis, including erosion, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • enteritis, colitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatitis, hepatosis;
  • syndromes – postcholecystectomic , postgastrectomic, “irritable bowel”, “non-ulcer dyspepsia”;
  • dyskinesia of the digestive canal;
  • diabetes, gout, alimentary obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, and some of the other;
  • urinary diathesis, chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract;
  • symptoms of depression, hypochondria, withdrawal syndrome while withdrawing from smoking;
  • while on dosed medical starvation to reduce the symptoms of acidosis;
  • acetonemia;
  • as one of the components of a solution for oral orthograde lavage of the entire digestive canal by the ternary isotonic saline or oral rehydration.

When it comes to mineral waters, almost everyone associates it with this treatment. But not all mineral waters are medicinal, and the range of therapeutic action of some is very narrow. Polyana mineral waters and, in particular, “Polyana Kvasova”, like many other sodium bicarbonate water, have a wide range of actions that can be considered universal for health improvenemt of the whole organism.

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